Technical Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long are Insumate trays?

A: All trays are 1200mm in length. Widths vary dependent on joist centre and joist type. 

Q: How do they arrive on site?

A: Trays arrive flat-packed in bundles of 10.

Q: Can trays be fitted from below joists?

A: Yes they can, but we recommend extra staples be used on the side of the joists.

Q: What joist centres are available?

A: At present Insumate trays are available for all variants of I joist, solid wood joist and Open Web Joists up to 650mm centres.

Q: How much insulation does a tray hold.

A: Trays are designed to hold 100mm of insulation; however, there is flexibility within their design to hold more. 

Q: Are they compatible with all joists?

A: Insumate trays are available for I-joist, Solid wood joist and Open web joist floors. 

Q: Can they be cut to length?

A: Yes, simply use a knife or scissors to shorten them.

Q: Can they be cut through for pipes or cables?

A: Yes all the Insumate trays can be modified to permit pipe or cable installation within a floor structure.

Q: How are they fixed to joists?

A: 14mm – 20mm staples, fixed to the joist hold the tray in place. We recommend 14mm staples when fitting to the top of the joist and 25mm when fitting to the side of the joist. I beam Insumate variants require no fixings as they locate on the rebate of the I-joist itself.

Q: Are they made from recycled plastic?

A: Trays are made from 50-100% recycled polypropylene.

Q: Where can I buy Insumate products?

A: Our products are available exclusively within the UK via this website.

Q: Do I have to lift up my floor to fit underfloor insulation.

A: On suspended ground floors, if you have access into the sub-floor void, the Insumate insulation system can be fitted from below, negating the need to remove the floor.

Q: Can Insumate trays be used with roof trusses and walls.

A: Yes, Insumate trays can be used in conjunction with roof trusses to support and hold insulation within a roof and also within walls. Using Insumate ensures that the insulation will stay in place and perform as it should.