Case Studies

Subfloor void cellar tray retrofit

The owner of this house asked us if we could help him reduce his energy costs.

The house is 19th century country house with a large void beneath the ground floor, Cold air was entering the house through air bricks beneath the floor, warm air was also escaping through the floors. We installed our patented system with 200 mm insulation from below using our cellar trays, installing insulation this way meant we did not have to take the floor up, saving time and importantly money for the client. The trays are easily altered using scissors or knife and fixed beneath the floor joists using a small compressor and powered staple gun with 40mm staples, obstructions  encountered were, pipes, wires, support walls and builders rubble ( from previous jobs ) the job was finished on-time and to budget.

Insumate Underfloor Heating Retrofit

This project incorporated an underfloor heating system within its design. Therefore the Insumate trays were used to support heating pipes against the underside of the floor.

Being a retrofit project, the eco-refurbishers Bright Green Homes LLP, had to work within the intricacies of the building. In particularly, this meant finding a way to install sufficient insulation below an underfloor heating system, where the joists are only 4″ deep.

The choice was therefore made to lift the joists. This would offer enough space to install insulation, Insumate trays and underfloor heating pipes. The sub-floor sleeper walls where used to support the fibrous insulation, this meant that insulation would cover the entirety of the floor area.

To ensure maximum heat is transferred from the heating pipes into the room, Insumate trays were used at 2omm depths to optimally position the pipes against the underside of the floor.

By lifting the floor and installing additional insulation a  U value of 0.16 W/m2K was generated.